Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Starving Student

I've been applying for culinary school scholarships, loans, etc. I'm getting a little overwhelmed just because the cost is so high. It would be easier if I'd done this instead of going to college, but because I already have a degree, I'm slightly limited. I'm determined to stay positive and find what I need though. And I've found a few resources that I could use next year if all else fails. Money is important, but I don't want to let it be the determining factor in my education. I refuse to let it.

On a similar note, the one complaint I really have about FCI is this: the woman in financial services wasn't particularly helpful. I met with her to inquire about possible loans or scholarships. Five minutes later all I had learned was what I already knew from reading the website which was that I needed to apply for the James Beard Foundation Scholarship and that I didn't qualify for federal education grants anymore. All of the other scholarship information that I have found was on my own. After all of the effort admissions put into showing me the school and telling me about the great opportunities, she sort of dropped the ball. Obviously the school is wonderful and the opportunities are "priceless", but the thing is...I can only benefit from it if I can pay for it. That's where financial services comes in. Now maybe she just didn't know about a lot of the opportunities that I found, maybe she was busy and didn't have time to go into detail, I'm not sure. I just wish she'd taken more time to address my concerns.

At any rate, I'm doing my best to do the research, stay focused, and hope for the best. Oh yeah, and I'm currently accepting donations...anyone want to pay me to cook for them?

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