Monday, June 29, 2009

Museum and Risotteria

Friday, Cheryl and I travelled into the city again. This time to spend the afternoon at the Museum of Natural History and to have dinner at Risotteria, a risotto place that also specializes in gluten-free pizzas and paninis.

After getting lost on the way to the Denville train station, we made it into the city around 4PM. Took the subway uptown and headed to the museum. Immediately upon entering, Cheryl geeked out (which is why we're best friends, because I did it the first time I went too). She's the only person alive who could convince me to pose next to exhibits. So I did, but not without exacting my revenge (see-->). We wandered through a ton of exhibits, took an obscene amount of pictures of gemstones, and a few photos of other cool things, and then got kicked out because the museum was closing.

From there it was downtown to Risotteria. I was in celiac heaven. The menu was risotto and salad on one side and pizza and paninis on the other, separated into gluten-free and regular. Ordering at a restaurant has never been so easy for me. In addition, the bread sticks were gluten-free, there were four gluten-free beers on the menu, and all of the desserts were gluten-free. I had trouble ordering because I was too delighted by my choices to focus on anything for a good 10 minutes. Finally I settled on pizza with mozzarella, sausage, peppers, and olives and Green's gluten-free Dubbel Dark Ale, Endeavour, for dinner and lemon cheesecake for dessert. Cheryl went with risotto with shitake mushrooms, green beans, and corn (the leftovers of which ended up as my lunch, so I can promise it was as delicious as it sounds).

And after dinner, it was time for us to head back to NJ. Cheryl headed out early the next morning for VA. Quick trip, but lots of adventure. There's always fun to be had when my Best is in town and I'm so glad she was able to make the trip.

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