Thursday, July 23, 2009

In Defense of Foodies

I was reading a blog from last year condemning the term foodie, saying, "I don't know of any chefs who refer to themselves by this title. For me, the word is a warning that says, "Hey, I'm not any fun to have a meal with." I'm all for people enjoying the hell out of food, but not if it means they have to give themselves a title to lord over "non-foodies." Passion for food should be shown through actions, not titles. I like the olden days when people who enjoyed food the most were simply called overweight." I think this is probably the image the poor blogger had in mind:

But cut us some self-proclaimed foodies some slack! While I have met my share of snobbish foodies, I stand by my title. Why? Because I love food. And I love having fun with my food. For me, a true foodie is adventurous, gracious, and hungry. We're not chefs. We're people who love to eat yummy things. And for me, a meal is always better served up with friends and laughter. I'm a foodie, and I'm damn proud of it!

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  1. yay for foodies. i've always wondered why some people hate that term so much. i think they need to relax...