Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Think Pink

So as it turns out, I won't be attending culinary school in January as I planned. The deal I had worked out proved to be more trouble than it was worth and I walked away from it. There's enough in my life to worry about without inventing things. So I'm back to the plan of getting a restaurant job and busting my butt to work my way up the food chain so to speak. I'm bummed but comfortable with the decision. Life's too short to make yourself crazy when you don't have to. Now more than ever I need to focus on what matters to me: my mom.

I know I always ask you guys to go support Food Bank for NYC or a local soup kitchen, and I still hope you do, but I'm asking you to also show some support for breast cancer awareness. This month is/was breast cancer awareness month, but as I am now painfully aware, there are 11 other months that men and women with this disease need your support. I don't care if you donate money. Just take a moment to call someone you know with the disease and give them your love, or check out http://www.komen.org/, and please please please, take a moment to pay attention to your own health. My mom is so lucky she developed the lump since most people with inflammatory breast cancer never do. We might not have caught it at all if she hadn't. So take care of yourselves and be passionately pink for a cure. Not just this month, but all year. Thanks guys.

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