Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Thank You

I have to extend a few thank yous to some people. These are friends, virtual and real life, who have supported and encouraged me in this crazy endeavor to become a chef. Especially in light of how chaotic life became recently.

 A HUGE thank you to my mom, my uncle, and my cousins Dawn and Howie for not thinking I'm crazy, and for making sure I have a roof over my head and a kitchen to practice in. Uncle Matt, Dawn, and Howie's hospitality made it possible for me to be up here in the first place. And Russell for giving up his room to me this summer. I still owe you dinner.

Cheryl, Rho, Casey, Liz, and Lanae for all the positive words and input on my recipes. You girls never cease to express your faith in me, or fail to let me know how proud you are. Extra thanks to Cheryl for buying my products and playing guinea pig.

Michael for being Michael. For introducing me to Sean and Alex. For Giorgio's. For taking me to dinners at restaurants I've dreamt of eating at for a long time and introducing me to new ones. And for loving my cookies and other baked goods. My recipes get scrapped if they don't pass your filter.

Sean, Alex, Meg, and Ginger for making Giorgio's the place I can count on for a good meal, and a home away from home. Alex especially. The extra effort you put in to make sure I have meals that are safe and elegant is the most gracious gift you could provide for me. And Sean for all of your kind words and help.

Eric for reminding me that I'm chasing a dream and not failing at it either.

To my Twitter pals, Nandita, FoodBank4NYC, TheUnknownChef, GFTiff, and Estheribrown. You guys share recipes for inspiration, information, encouragement, and enthusiasm. And, Nandita excepting, I've never met you in person. It's easy to be gracious and supportive of people you know well, but it's much harder to do the same for a stranger. Thanks for that.

You are just a handful of people that have made me feel less like I'm chasing a crazy idea and more like I'm doing something incredible. You're the people that have made New York feel more like home and less like a crazy idea. There have been so many others that it would take days and days to express my appreciation.

I may not be in culinary school yet, and I may not have a job. But somehow I feel like the luckiest, most successful girl alove because of you.

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