Saturday, December 12, 2009

Culinary Confessions

One of my favorite bloggers, Alejandra Ramos of Always Order Dessert wrote a post inspired by David Lebovitz's culinary confessions. Her's is whimiscal and, frankly, endearing. So endearing, that I'm going to brave the topic myself and give you my run down of culinary secrets.

I nibble to leftover dough of every cookie recipe I make. So much so that I often forget to eat a real meal.

I get cravings for foods I don't actually like.

Like Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. Which I find repulsive.

I think most swordfish preparations are akin to eating a grilled shoe. Not that I've tasted grilled shoe.

I once tried to become a vegetarian, but gave up when I realized I could no longer eat NC style barbeque.

Pork in almost every preparation makes me giddy.

I find food trends even more baffling than clothing trends. How can a fruit be trendy? Delicious is delicous, the end.

Speaking of which, due to my senior research project, I can barely stand the sight of pomegranates. Which sadly, became trendy right around the same time.

As long as something doesn't have gluten in it, I'll try it at least once. I'd just prefer it if you told me what I was eating after I've decided whether I enjoy it or not.

I don't buy into the idea that food is better because it's imported or expensive.

I recently bought a bag of pecans for $9 for half a pound. Remembering the pecan tree in my grandparents' backyard made this a painful experience.

On an average day, I consume 4-6 cups of tea. Coffee is for very rare and special occasions, or if there is no tea and I need a hot drink.

I miss matzo ball soup. And matzo in general for that matter.

I love licorice and the black-tongue effect I get from eating it.

I'm hopelessly messy when I'm cooking, but I always clean up after myself.

I love sushi, but hate how I'm always hungry an hour after eating it.

Brussel sprouts are my favorite vegetable, hands down. Even as a kid.

I want to learn to butcher my own cuts of meat, but I'm also a little intimidated by it.

Everything I cook is associated in my mind with someone or some event from my life. It's a completely autobiographic experience and I love sharing it.

Those are my confessions. Feel free to share yours!

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