Saturday, December 5, 2009

Tis the Season

Every Christmas, I make homemade candies and treats as gifts. I've found that often my sweets are better appreciated than any store-bought gift I could find. There's something about giving your time and effort to someone that can't be replicated.

This year, I'm being especially ambitious. For the first time, I'm making candy without my mum's assistance in the kitchen. She's always been there to hand me the jar of marshmallow fluff, or take over stirring. Now she's 12 hours away, so I'm on my own. Let the adventures begin.

Today, I made the fudge. Tomorrow, caramels and maybe Martha Washingtons, which are coconut and pecans dipped in melted chocolate. Then, the licorice and lemon soft mints. Finally, the baked goods. Chocolate mint cookies, biscuits with sausage and cheese. And depending on how much crushed candy cane I have left, peppermint meringues. And that's just what I'm making before I go home for Christmas. When I get home, I'm probably going to make more biscuits, and some sort of pie. Lots to do, but I feel relaxed, driven, and completely content. Nothing makes me happier than when I'm in the kicthen making treats for other people.

That's my favorite part of this season. It gives me an excuse to lavish my loved ones with homemade sweets. As I've said before, food and the sharing of meals is an incredibly intimate thing, meant to show love, friendship, and hospitality. And that's what Christmas is for too. It's the perfect marriage. And it's where I feel most in my element. Bring it on Santa. I've got this Christmas covered. In chocolate that is.

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