Monday, April 19, 2010

My Mum

Hi guys. I figured everyone was beginning to wonder where I was lately. Truth is, the past two weeks have been so insane that I've had very few opportunities to bake, let alone write about baking. The good news is, though, that things appear to be settling down and I can pick up my measuring cups again.

My mum had her surgery two weeks ago. She was scheduled for a Tuesday morning surgery, but a minor complication (nothing life threatening!) postponed her surgery date until Thursday. She came through beautifully and was released from the hospital Saturday. The surgeon removed her right breast and lymph nodes from under her right arm, so she wasn't allowed to use that arm last week at all. I spent the week playing nurse and checking in on her, but I'm happy to say, she's recovering very very nicely.

Last Monday, we got the best news possible. The surgeon biopsied the tissue from the surgery and my mum is officially cancer free! Though she still has to do her radiation treatments, it finally feels like the nightmare is over. Our conversations about the future no longer contain the words "if I'm feeling up to it" and we can both relax a little. Her oncologist is extremely pleased and very optimistic and that makes me hopeful. Cancer's a big scary word, and although medicine has come a long way, the uncertainty distracted us both from a lot of things. But seeing my mum fight, and win, with an unshakable grace has taught me a few things. It's given me the courage to jump into my projects without fear and without regret for things that don't go according to plan. And the best part is knowing that she'll be there to watch it all unfold for a very, very long time. 

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