Tuesday, May 25, 2010

New Kitchen/ Old Kitchen

For those of you who are still unaware of the change, I relocated (again). This time to beautiful downtown Charleston to live with the boyfriend. I'm excited and nervous to have my own household. Well, ok, so I share it with four people, but there is one room that's mine to do with as I will: the kitchen. For the first time, I have my own kitchen to arrange and decorate and stock to make it just so. I have ample storage space for my dishes, cookware, and appliances, plus extra for the odd pieces that my roommates have brought with them. And I have two huge windows that allow the sunshine to burst in and the breeze to float through when I throw them open. For all its quirks- the oven that takes at least an hour to preheat and the strange layout that makes functionality a challenge I'm determined to win- I love my kitchen because it's so full of possibility. The white walls are absolutely begging me to paint them over with hues of yellow and the cupboards groan happily under the weight of dishes, spices, and cookbooks. The fridge, which is now stocked with delicious food patiently waits in the corner for me to peer inside and gather the ingredients for the meals I have planned. And since we decided to cut back on our restaurant visits, I see many nights of home-cooked dinners for my boyfriend and me. It's a vision that makes me giddy with anticipation.

Keep checking back as I post photos of the transformation!


  1. This sounds so exciting! Congratulations on your new kitchen and the many fabulous meals you will prepare there!