Saturday, June 19, 2010

Blogger Hurts My Soul

You may have noticed that I've all but stopped posting here these days. The reason is twofold. I'm finding it difficult to keep up with a blog what with a full-time job, roommates, and a whole host of summertime activities that have somehow become my life. More importantly though, I've become unhappy with the changes Blogger has made to its format and the way you can share content with readers. They've made it all but impossible for me to upload photos directly from my computer, and that's not kosher with me. I can't support a system that restricts me to photos from the internet or an online photo-sharing account. For this reason, next month, I'll be making the move to Wordpress. They have a superior format and are far more user friendly than Blogger. Don't worry about finding me though! The domain is mine to keep and independent of Blogger, so you'll still be able to search for me that way. Thanks for reading, and stick with me during the transition. I promise to reward you with tasty recipes and restaurant recs again in no time.

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