Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Beginnings Are a Drag

Since it's a new beginning for me, it's seemed apropos that I start a blog to chronicle the successes and failures of it.

To start, I'm moving to New Jersey this week. A year of South Carolina was about all I could tolerate. That, and I miss the snow. My cousins are being kind enough to provide a crashing place for me until I get sorted. In fact, I should really be packing instead of writing, but what the hell.

I'm pretty excited about the move, but you know...nervous too. It's a long way from all things familiar. Which is sort of the point. Living in New York City is something that I've wanted to do since I was teeny tiny, so Jersey is a good starting point while I consider school options (culinary or Masters is the question at hand).

Speaking of school, I have an appointment Monday with an admissions counselor at the French Culinary Institute. Pretty tickled about that, I gotta say. That was probably the best thing about getting diagnosed with celiac disease this year (google it, I'd rather not explain). When I found out I couldn't eat gluten-based grains anymore, I had to get creative with my food again. Lots of experimenting with rice based products ensued to mixed results and many more experiments to follow. Should be fun. Currently accepting candidates for the position of culinary guinea pig.

Besides all the school searching and big girl decision making, I'm giddy about not being six states away from the boyfriend. Long distance really cuts into a girl's cuddle time. Not very nice, I tell ya.

I'm also searching for halfway decent apartments to look at on an itty bitty budget. The lovely Miss Sara and I will be sharing the cost, but even so...a law student and a whatever the hell kind of student I decide to be don't bring in much bank. My only requirements are that I have a bedroom to myself and that it's in a safe neighborhood.

More to follow later. After all, I still have some packing to do. I've found that I have twice as many clothes as I rememembered but it seems like I only have half the room in the suitcase that I recall. Weird.

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