Saturday, May 30, 2009


So this is pretty amazing. Made-in-Transit + Gro Pak have a packaging prototype designed by Agata Jaworska to deliver super fresh mushrooms to grocery stores. The idea is to package mushroom sprouts that mature to oyster mushrooms en route to the consumer. It's a brilliant idea and one which, I at least, could totally get behind. Most produce is harvested at peak ripeness, or readiness, and is packaged up and shipped out to stores, where it begins its decay cycle. By delivering produce that is, technically, still growing, the consumer gains a little time, and a lot of fresh flavor. Check out Agata's cartoon explaining the concept at:

I tried to embed it here, but either I'm inept (very likely) or something is glitchy (slightly probable), so you'll just have to follow the link.

You can also head over to and check out their blog post on the subject. It's basically the same info, but you know, they're not technilogically disabled like I am, so their video works.

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  1. Genius! That's so simple, yet so brilliant.