Thursday, September 3, 2009

Life and Blogging

Sometimes life interferes with my blog schedule. The past two weeks have been examples of just that. I headed to Maryland for the weekend to attend my sister's wedding shower and ended up staying a week to help her get packed and moved into her new apartment. Then, I came back just in time to pack my things and move to Queens, where I promptly became incredibly ill. I was finally back to normal by yesterday, which worked out beautifully since it was my birthday. There wasn't much fine dining, or even interesting dining to be done in the past two weeks, with the exception of this fabulous little Greek place that my sister introduced me to.

It's called Vasili's ( If you're in the Gaithersburg area, I recommend checking them out. While you're there order the Pikilia/Three For All. It's a trio of hummus, tsatziki, melitsanosalata, or taramosalata served with pita (for you bread eaters) and cucumbers. When we explained to the waitress that I couldn't have the pita, she brought extra cucumber out for me. The tsatziki is incredibly garlicky, but very good, and of course, the hummus was delicious, but my personal favorite was the melitsanosalata. I liked it so much, I've been eyeing the eggplants at the grocery store with the intent of trying to replicate it. The website hasn't been updated in a while, so the menu has changed a bit, but the food is so good, it's well worth the trip.

That's it for now. Happy eating, everyone!


  1. I love this. I went to culinary school in Toronto which has a huge Greek community and of course great Greek food. As a chef in NYC I miss comfort sometimes as everyone is trying to evolve cuisine. I am guilty of that too. I will definitely make the trip to this spot. Melitsanosalata, inform me, I've never had it.

  2. Melitsanosalata, to the best of my untrained palate is a finely chopped eggplant spread. I think I taseted lemon juice, olive oil, and a little garlic, but the rest is eluding me. I'm not familiar enough with Greek herb usage to get much further than that. Thanks for dropping by the blog.