Monday, September 7, 2009

Lucky Find

The best part about having a best friend who lives out of town is the excuse to explore the city with someone. I get to show her around my new home and familiarize myself with it in the process. Sometimes this leads me to new and delicious discoveries, like it did on Saturday.

After some wandering around Madison Square Park, I saw a large sign that read, "Gluten Free" below what appeared to be an Italian eatery. Mozzarelli's Catering Company, located at 38 E. 23rd St. served gluten free pizza, pasta, and desserts alongside regular artisan pizzas. They use dedicated equipment and pans for the gluten free, but there is some risk of cross contamination. I'm really sensitive to such things, and had no trouble, though, so I'm certain the risk is a small one. The artichoke and alfredo gluten free slice I had was both delicious and reasonably priced. At $4.95 a slice for the specialty gf pies, you can't really go wrong. And there was a nice selection of toppings. They also serve whole pies, and 5 varieties of gf pasta. When you first enter there's a wall of cookies, all of which are gluten free. And on the other wall is a refrigerator with more gf desserts, including the largest and most tempting strawberry shortcake roll I've ever seen. They offer samples of the cookies, so you can try without committing. I recommend the banana sandwich cookies. When it was all said and done, Cheryl and I both ate for around $17. Definitely a lucky find.


  1. I am sure that anyone used to limitations in their diet are also used to paying more for their food but $4.95 for a slice sounds a little steep for me. Granted I don't have any cheaper gluten free suggestions but that price surprised me even with artichokes included. Guess I will have to do some research to see just how much more Foodie_Femme has to pay.

  2. When you're used to spending $8 for a slice, or unable to find anything at all, that's a great price. Until rice flour becomes cheaper, $5 is the best deal you can really find.