Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Rumor Mill

Tiffany Jakubowski is fast becoming one of my favorite food bloggers. She's a member of the gluten free community just like me, and her articles are concise and insightful. Especially the latest one, The Gluten Free Rumor Mill . It's full of great advice on how to stay safe, despite the wealth of bad information about celiac and gluten free living available online. The best advice? Do your research and know your sources. There's a whole global community of people online who are gluten free. The standards for what can and can't be called gluten free and for testing such things are different from country to country, so information is different for those living in England versus say, Thailand. Not to mention that just because someone doesn't eat gluten, or says that they don't, does not make them an expert on the subject. Talk to your doctor, look for articles from trusted sources, like researchers or celiac advocate groups. It's those people's job to know the facts and to pass them along. Go check out Tiffany's article for more information. She's a lady that knows her stuff. but don't take my word for it. After all, I'm just a person. published her though, and their word is worth more than mine. Enjoy and be safe.


  1. Thanks for letting the world know that not everyone is an expert. I got caught up last week with the whole "wheat finings in Red wine" rumor. Since I had heard about it from a colleague , I thought it was true. A bit of Medscaping later, I knew it was false. I hadn't heard of Tiffany's blog, got to go check it out

  2. You're so welcome. Thanks for stopping by!