Thursday, November 19, 2009

Turkey Trash Talk

Ok, Thanksgiving traditionalists will probably burn me at the stake for this, but here it goes anyway. I think turkey is overrated. There, I said it.

No, I'm not suffering from head trauma. No, I didn't have a case of turkey-related food poisoning. I just don't think much of the stuff. And, yeah, I've eaten some amazingly delicious turkeys, so it's not a case of bad turkey blues. We'll forget for a moment that dry movies are referred to as turkeys.

It's just that I'd rather have some other meat at my Thanksgiving meal. Fortunately for me, my family usually makes a ham in addition to a turkey. My devotion to pork aside, I think it's a great alternative to turkey on the big day. The best ones are the perfect trifecta of smoky, salty, and sweet. And pork just seems to love other food. Everyone says everything's better with bacon, right? Maybe bacon's not the only part of the pig that makes food magical.

Maybe I'm not such a Thanksgiving heathen, after all. You tell me, what's your meat, or meat substitute, of choice for Thanksgiving?


  1. Try a andouille jambalaya stuffed chicken from Cochon in New Orleans. Tchoupitoulas street maybe hard to say but they are more than willing to get one of these stuffed wonders into your NYC oven for any occasion. Luckily I have leftovers for black fridays sandwich, if it makes it through the midnight snack. Happy Thanksgiving.

  2. That sounds unbelievably yummy. Thanks for the tip!