Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Lost Horizons and Night Markets

Last Saturday, I had the great privilege of participating in the second Lost Horizon Night Market in Brooklyn. My friend, Laura roped me into the idea of offering decorate your own erotic baked goods. Let the giggling ensue. Have you ever tried to bake dirty cookies with a straight face? Not possible.

A little background on the market: People come together, rent box trucks, decorate the interior, and offer some form of entertainment, services, or goods. Donations are accepted, or people can barter. The location is kept crazy secret to enhance the sense of adventure. Fun abounds.

So late Saturday afternoon, I pack a box of gluten free cookies and cupcakes, a tea pot, and other sundry supplies and head into Manhattan to pick up the box truck with Laura. From there we went on a scavenger hunt in Manhattan for other things we needed, like a grill, and fabric. From there we hit Brooklyn, finish loading the truck, and getting dressed. Finally, it's Market time.

And what fun it was! Lili, another friend of mine, made a range of vegan treats and decorating icings for everyone to use and enjoy. Krista and Laura covered the baked treats for the non-picky eaters, and I supplied the gluten free goods. The market was scheduled to end at 3AM, but we ran out of food around 1AM. That didn't stop anyone from coming by to drink tea and hang out with us. It was gratifying, successful, and enormously entertaining.

As popular as our truck was, there were so many other talented trucks. The smallest circus ever had two great shows that they ran every ten minutes. There was a silent movie truck, decked out with a heavy red curtain and handing out kuzoos and candy cigarettes. Another truck did an Alice in Wonderland tea ceremony. There was a group doing screen printing who were incredibly talented and very nice. With so much devotion and creativity, it was hard to focus.

Finally, the end of the night rolled around and we four packed up our truck and exhaustedly went home. I can't wait to do it again.

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