Thursday, April 30, 2009

Movin' On Up

Tonight's the last night in SC. Yay me! Except for the last minute toiletries, I'm all packed and ready to roll out.

Spent the morning(ish) chatting with the boyfriend and apartment perusing. It was oddly domestic. But satisfying. I get a weird sense of pleasure from going through real estate listings. Always have.

Spent the afternoon with the lovely Ashley. That girl was a godsend this year. I don't think I would have survived South Carolina had she not been around to chill with. Charlotte Russe was a lucky find, job wise, since I got to me the sweetest girls. I wish I could bring them with me...well, Ashley, Kalli, and Angela anyway.

After saying goodbye to Ashley, Aunt Cathy and I drove to meet Tim, Kristin, Ma, and the baby at the restaurant for my goodbye dinner. The food was delicious and the company was wonderful. Baby Hayden has learned the word "more" and proceeded to say it after every bite of food he got. I also made the discovery that he likes cucumber.

Ma's taking the day off tomorrow to drive me to the airport. Originally I thought Cathy would be driving me, but this is a nice change in plans. I think we may be getting breakfast together one last time before I head out.

So in other words: nothing super special to report, just the standard going away preparations and goodbyes. And for some reason I'm super sleepy, so off to bed.

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