Saturday, May 2, 2009

Someone Should Invent One of Those Flyin' Machines

I wish I could teleport. After arriving at the Florence airport waaaay too early, I watched as the flight before mine was cancelled and rebooked to mine because of maintenance issues. That pretty much set the tone for the rest of the trip to Jersey. The short flight to Charlotte was punctuated by gut-wrenching turbulence, and me without my Dramamine. Did I mention I was sitting over the wing and I get airsick? Oh yeah...well.

Once in Charlotte, I had a three hour layover. So I went in search of something to eat. Mission accomplished. Then some Dramamine. Again, so far so good. That was about as successful as I got though. Weather in Newark sucked all day, so my flight was delayed. I was supposed to be out by 6:15, however, we didn't board until 6:30. Then there was the fun filled hour and fifteen minutes we spent sitting on the tarmac. Once we we finally in the air and my Dramamine had kicked in fully, I spent most of the two hour flight passed out.

Picked up my luggage (all four bags). I was doing a perfectly good job of handling them all myself while looking for my cousins. Howie relieved me of the big bag, and made a big show of noting how heavy it was. Dawn was just glad the plane hadn't crashed. And Ana was pouting because it was almost 10PM and she wasn't drinking yet. Fairly standard night in my family. Got back to the house, informed all interested parties that I had arrived safely, and opened a glass of wine.

Once I finally went to bed, I had to adjust to the waterbed. It'll be interesting considering how much I move in my sleep.

As for today, well, Howie made breakfast, and for the moment we're all just chilling out. That'll change. They're redoing the house, so soon we'll be lugging furniture and painting walls. Welcome home, me.

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