Thursday, May 7, 2009

And the Winner Is...

I've got a couple of things to talk about today. First, I forgot how stressful applying for financial aid can be. I have to gather tax information for myself and my mother, which would be easy enough except that my mom spent part of last year working in NC and part of it working in SC so she had to file two different returns, and I made a grand total of $80 last year, so I didn't even bother filing. This makes things somewhat interesting. Also, my tax information and my mother are both in SC (I need her to sign a bunch of stuff), so getting everything together before the deadline is also problematic. I spent some time working on everything today, but got frustrated, so I took a break. If I can get all the information I need and get everything submit to the right places at the appropriate times, then I'll be in good shape. Until then, I demand chocolate.

Second, I tried a new recipe today. Chicken in an orange-dijon sauce with sage and thyme. It was delicious. However, I'm going to reduce the amount of thyme in the recipe because it fights the sage a little bit and I really want the sage to be the focus. I also think I'm going to caramelize some onions to serve with it next time as well. At any rate, the chicken was great. The sauce was the star though. I had a few other ideas for how to use it besides just on chicken. Tonight I followed the recipe pretty precisely just to see how it turned out. I served the chicken over basmanti rice, which I highly recommend over regular rice. It's more fragrant and not that much more expensive, so well worth it. I also served steamed, fresh asparagus. Delicious.

My mom sent me a bunch of my gluten-free items this week, which arrived today. So now I'm stocked with cereal, my favorite crackers, and my baking mix. And for once, there are chocolate chips on hand. That means COOKIES! Oh yeah, I'm going to bake tomorrow. Watch out. I can cook just fine, but baking is a completely different story. I'm trying to get better. A massive sweet tooth plus celiac disease equals the need to learn to bake better. Wish me luck.

That's it for now, I think. I'll update on how the cookies turn out.

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