Sunday, May 24, 2009


Friday night I went into the city for dinner and drinks with Lanaé, a friend of mine from high school. Starving, we headed downtown for Japanese food. Found this tiny little place that was absolutely packed, which seemed like a good sign. Once inside, I was in for my first pleasant surprise of the evening. They served a gluten-free buckwheat beer. For the first time in a year, I was able to order a beer with dinner. Naturally, I was thrilled. Delicious food, delicious beer, and good conversation. Phase one of NYC Night was a success.

After dinner, we were going to check out 230 Fifth Rooftop Garden (, but the line was excessively long. Pass on waiting on line when we could be enjoying cocktails. Instead we headed over to La Quinta on 32nd Street. They also have a rooftop bar, Mé, and this one was exactly the place we were hoping for ( check out the photo slide show). Small, chill, and not crowded. The night was beautiful. Perfect weather for sitting outside with a drink. Then back to Brooklyn to crash for the night.

In the morning, well ok, the afternoon, we headed over to 5th Avenue in Brooklyn to Melt Restaurant for brunch ( Lanaé got this GORGEOUS plate of french toast coated with granola and served over fresh fruit with a side of Nutella mousse. Rarely am I tempted to cheat on my diet and eat something I shouldn't, but that plate of toast looked so pretty and smelled so good, I was dying for a piece. I contented myself with a mushroom omelet stuffed with Gruyere and tomatoes and served with home fries and a mixed green salad. I have to say...the omelet was lack-luster. The home fries, though, were something else. The potatoes were cooked with tomatoes, roasted red peppers, and (I think) zucchini. My last meal on earth will include those fries.

I came home Saturday evening and played chef for Rob since the lovely Karen was upstate for the night. Then hanging out with Julia for a bit and enjoying an adult Dreamsicle, then bed.

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