Sunday, February 14, 2010

Maybe I Am a Southern Girl

Upon a safe arrival in South Carolina, I set about on a mission. It was a big one too. I set out to find readily available gluten free beer in my local grocery stores and/or to find a craft beer shop that would carry it. No dice. And what's a good southern girl without a cold beer in her hand? A thirsty one, that's what. So I ran through my options:

1) Drive to the nearest specialty beer store. And who knows if they even carry gluten free beer. Or where the nearest one may be.

2) Order online. I'm fairly certain SC blue laws prohibit this, but it's worth looking into.

3) Brew my own. Yeah, this sounds like way more fun.

That's right kids. I'm dipping my dainty, polished toe into the world of homebrewing. I took a look at a how-to guide, and oh boy is this going to be an adventure. I get to play chemist again. Stay tuned for my updates on successes and failures and cries for help. I need all the advice on this one I can get.

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